Falling Away

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Falling Away


In 2021, Falling Away was staged in the University of Westminster’s exhibition space, Ambika P3, inspired by and in connection to the research by David Deriu into the phenomenon, experience and metaphor of vertigo in the city and society. The exhibition was the first retrospective of the artist Catherine Yass, and presented a number of vertiginous film installations from the past two decades of her extensive body of work.

I was commissioned to design the book created in response to the exhibition, comprising essays by art writers, historians and critics as well as by the exhibition’s curators, reflecting on the subjects and tacit commentary of Yass’s works. The films staged portray architecture in a state of construction, abandonment or demolition, provoking thoughts about the conditions of social and psychological instability in which we currently live.

Printing proof files of the exhibition book Falling Away
Falling Away Exhibition book spread

Working with the artist and curators, I designed the book in response to the specific format of Yass’s film works to best present still freeze frames from the works, alongside the essays about each film. Supporting the curators, I copyedited and proofread the material, and liaised with the printers to ensure the finished book was produced to the correct standards and delivered on time. Created in connection to Deriu’s research, the book has been made available online.

Falling Away - Exhibition book - Davide Deriu introduction Falling Away – Exhibition book – Davide Deriu introduction

Eldred Evans’ Water colours

Eldred Evans // Watercolours proofs

Eldred Evans’ Water colours

Book Design & production

I was approached by architect and artist Eldred Evans (1937-2022) to design a book of her watercolour paintings. Designed to complement the one published about her architecture works with David Shalev [Evans + Shalev, by Joseph Rykwert (Circa Press 2020)], the book presents a selection of predominantly postcard-sized watercolour paintings produced by Evans between 2004 and 2016.

Experimental in nature, these paintings range from still life and landscape depictions to architecture and cityscapes and topical reflections of news and sporting events. Working in watercolour, pencil and acrylic, Evans’ paintings capture the warmth and ambience of different geographies including southern Spain, although most represent the landscape they were created in – St Ives, Cornwall.

Eldred Evans Watercolours is published by Chasing Shadows Press, and available from select bookshops.

Title page: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’
Index pages: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’
“Sails”: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’, p.115

Penn Club

Penn Club London

Penn Club

Design & produce exhibition

The Penn Club was founded in 1920 to offer a place for people to meet, renew existing friendships and forge new ones. I was approached to design an exhibition to mark the centenary of this club, created by members of the Friends Ambulance Unit, conscientious objectors during the First World War. 

Taking cues from the Club’s archive, I researched the broader social history of key moments from the last hundred years which resonated with the Club’s history, and events relevant to the Club’s location in Bloomsbury, London. I began to form a narrative for the exhibition, built around the Club’s founding elements, and continuing ethos – community, place, and people – which were enriched by anecdotes and descriptions from the archives of specific events and characters. 

Front entrance to Penn Club, Bloomsbury
Penn Club Residents Log

Consulting with the steering committee established to oversee the celebrations to mark the Club’s anniversary, I advised them on appropriate style of design and production formats, taking into consideration the desire to tour the exhibition to relevant and sympathetic locations, and the display potential within the Club itself.

Penn Club Centenary ExhibitionPanels of the Penn Club Centenary exhibition, on display in the Club’s library