Clare Hamman is a designer and producer whose training as an architect informs her work in design, consultancy, film and print. She uses a research-driven approach to uncover the context and understand the people at the centre of every project, synthesising this into visually-informed narratives. 

Working with academics, architects and artists, Clare uses her skills as a designer, producer and consultant to help realise projects for a broader audience, project managing archives and their dissemination, creating websites and designing books. As a documentary maker and producer, she has specialised in archive-driven, character documentaries.

Clare’s unique experience has led to some specific consulting projects, utilising her range of creative disciplines to craft narratives and assist arts organisations to reframe their specialities to attract the best audience.

  • Introduction to Seeing Things Differently
  • Seeing Things Differently Article
  • Casebooks
  • Eldred Evans // Watercolours proofs
  • Falling Away proof files