Eldred Evans’ Water colours

Eldred Evans’ Water colours

Book Design & production

I was approached by architect and artist Eldred Evans (1937-2022) to design a book of her watercolour paintings. Designed to complement the one published about her architecture works with David Shalev [Evans + Shalev, by Joseph Rykwert (Circa Press 2020)], the book presents a selection of predominantly postcard-sized watercolour paintings produced by Evans between 2004 and 2016.

Experimental in nature, these paintings range from still life and landscape depictions to architecture and cityscapes and topical reflections of news and sporting events. Working in watercolour, pencil and acrylic, Evans’ paintings capture the warmth and ambience of different geographies including southern Spain, although most represent the landscape they were created in – St Ives, Cornwall.

Eldred Evans Watercolours is published by Chasing Shadows Press, and available from select bookshops.

Title page: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’
Index pages: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’
“Sails”: Eldred Evans, ‘Watercolours’, p.115