Over a period of three years, I helped to research and shape the story-arc of this four-part documentary series about Richard Branson. As a Producer and Archive Producer, I have predominantly worked on character-led documentaries with a historic grounding. Whatever the topic or subject areas I have had the opportunity to help develop and produce, the power of any programme to engage the attention of the viewer lies in the art of narrative.

From his beginnings as a brazen 16-year-old magazine editor to his ecstatic flight on Virgin Galactic, the story of one of Britain’s most flamboyant entrepreneurs came to life through unique access to personal archive material, complemented by contemporary interviews with colleagues, collaborators, friends and family.

As part of a small team making this archive-driven film, I helped to shape and research the story arc of the Branson documentary, arrange filming and maintain contact with contributors throughout the production period. My principal role as archive producer meant both researching and viewing archive material for information, and to help build the story, but also to manage, source and negotiate clearance of all necessary rights for the use of the archive footage and stills across the films and within budget.

BRANSON - Documentary (website)BRANSON – Documentary (website)